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Author Topic: A Personal Mind Power Revelation - A Seismic Shift  (Read 3553 times)
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« on: May 18, 2009, 01:13:08 PM »

Dear All,

Lately I've experienced a seismic shift in my own process of developing my mind's power and
thought I 'd share it:

Mind machines, mind power, the mind matter phenomenon, the law of attraction, the field, the matrix, the force, the power of intention, the quantum mind, brain plasticity, whole brain integration, hemispheric synchronisation, the subconscious, the collective unconscious, the third eye, altered states, meditation, prayer, paranormal, mystical experiences, PSI….

A query into any of the above subjects will provide reams of data, opinions, and public debate intended to shed light on a subject that by its very nature thus defies public revelation. I have studied all of these subjects over the years in a bid to understand the full potential of my own nature and with every new understanding I have continually refined my efforts towards achieving what I’ve crudely been describing as mastery over my mind, or mind power.

With every process aimed at mastering a skill, there are stages of development followed by plateaus where it seems no progress is being made. And then, usually when you least expect it, another shift occurs and your commitment to the process is reinvigorated pushing you on to progress further. This pattern continues for as long as you keep with the process, until eventually something different happens. Your understanding reaches a critical mass, you experience a seismic shift, developmentally, you experience a quantum leap, placing you at the threshold of your desired mastery.

So far for me the stages that have played a part in developing my own mind’s power look roughly like this:

· As a child I had an awareness that there was more to me than what my sensory systems could reveal
· I acquired a faith in an organised religion
· Experienced spontaneous mystical, transcendental experiences
· Entered a dark night of the soul, existential angst
· Lost my faith
· Experimented with drugs
· Explored various world religions
· Became and ‘accidental’ practitioner of self designed occult practices
· Inadvertently practiced ‘dark magic’ bringing me to literally death’s door
· Realised the ‘dark magic’ was a misuse of my mind and that my mind had far more power than I ever realised
· Being fearful of the power I had realised I ‘shut down’
· Entered another dark night of the soul
· Woke up to the realisation that I had to make my mind’s power work for me – because my life wasn’t, but how?
· Conducted research on how to harness my mind’s potential
· A flow of synchronicities led me to various materials and mind machine systems
· Attempted to establish myself in self designed technique of meditative practice
· Used technologies to change my brainwave states
· Practised sending out love to ’the universe’ while endeavouring to stop all judgement
· Learnt a proper meditation technique: Vipassana, and developed a daily practice
· Experienced an increase in synchronicities, psychic phenomenon, manifestations, mystical experiences (this is ongoing)
· Realised increased mind control: more calm, peace, happiness
· Continued to utilise mind systems: binaural beats, rapid data transfer, Solfreggio frequencies …
· Shared my gained knowledge with those interested in aim of being of service and help
· Began serving at a Vipassana meditation centre to help others learn the technique
· Experienced a seismic mind shift

With hindsight, it is easy to see that I have always been travelling down a path towards enlightenment. A path, I believe we are all in fact destined to journey at some point.

In my own case, I have been quite caught up in what perhaps the sagacious would describe as ‘mind playing’, a realised ability to experience increased synchronicities, paranormal, mystical experiences, manifestations, prophetic dreams and so forth. Believing at times, they were the goal. They continue to be pleasant and they serve as indicators of my ability to attune my mental powers in certain ways, but the goal has, changed.

By developing my mind’s power I have realised a more important goal, understanding that the development of this power is only a step along the way towards something far more important: the purification of my mind.

Only now through direct experience do I understand that by purifying my mind not only am I elevating my vibration, allowing me to be one with higher frequencies of  ‘the field’, causing all manner of good to manifest, but I am, most importantly, developing my ability to experience, at will, my divine being.

We are all divine, we can believe we are, have faith that we are, but to experientially know it is something entirely different. Our minds can be likened to a lens that our consciousness focuses itself through. When our minds are impure, they are out of focus, and we do not see ourselves as we really are. Truth, our true nature is obscured. We are in the dark, which makes us afraid and we act out of this fear, causing all manner of pain and suffering. Rather than masters, we become slaves to our minds and we are blind with it.

As a consequence of striving to develop my mind’s power, the fantastic irony is that while realising evermore of it, I have simultaneously surpassed my desire for it. Understanding that what I really want is to purify it, to be without any wanting, to be liberated from thought, to resonate as joy, harmony, peace, love. To be conscious beyond words.

So to you, who are sincerely endeavouring to develop your true mind’s power, know this, if you don’t already: it is but a step, a quantum step, towards the experiential revelation of your true nature, that you are a divine being.

May all beings in their own right time, know real love, peace and harmony.

For more information:

 Cheesy Christine
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