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Author Topic: Biofeedback-assisted study debug techniques  (Read 2344 times)
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« on: November 28, 2008, 11:11:39 AM »

I mentioned I would write about some of the study techniques I was trained to use, so why not start with some of the juicy stuff.  Wink

I've said that there was a lot of emphasis on literacy, and understanding all the vocabulary and everything else one was reading in the courses I ran. I was trained in a number of methods of handling difficulties the student may be having with the text, and a lot of the time it was because of definitions that the student didn't have, or perhaps misunderstanding punctuation or some other symbol.

Of the various methods I used for tracking down the cause of the study difficulty, several of these used a type of galvanic skin response meter as a diagnostic tool. Words and symbols not grasped by the student cause enough protest to show up on the meter, even before the person is consciously aware of them. I had been trained to recognize the specific needle phenomena that showed up, and narrow it down to the exact word, punctuation character or whatever of which the person didn't have a full concept. Once the person spotted the word, assisted by me steering them onto it with the assistance of the meter, we would delve into a suitable dictionary or other relevant reference book such as an encyclopedia or grammar guide, and clear it up for them. Again, I could see when the person had got it, not only because they noticeably brightened up as a student, but because there were specific meter phenomena which accompanied the newfound understanding.

One procedure that it was found important to do fairly early on if the person was serious about embarking on a full course of training was to handle all the bits and pieces in that person's PAST education that could still be hanging them up. This involved taking a list of every possible subject that the student might have had something to do with, whether as a formal structured course or not.  One would be able to see from reactions on the meter which subject had given the student the most bother, and we would start with that. The procedure involved systematically clearing up misunderstood words that the student still had their attention on. It could be necessary to go over the subject list several times, as other subject areas would flush up and come to light as the procedure went on. There was a particular meter phenomena which would signal when the person was "done".

I have seen students who were previously very slow improve dramatically as a result of having done this. The whole purpose is to literally give the person back his education. I remember distinctly wanting to go back and redo all my school subjects properly this time when I was about three quarters done. Since then I've had an incredible passion and thirst for learning and reading, and all things related to teaching and educational methods.

Since this procedure involves the use of a galvanic skin response meter, it is not something that one can just do unless you have been sufficiently trained and drilled on the use of the device.  I just thought I'd throw this out there, however, because it's just so interesting! My knowledge of this particular system of biofeedback-assisted education means I am interested in uses of technology as a learning tool - biofeedback, neurofeedback, accelerated learning etc.

The galvanic skin response meter has been used to great effect as a counselling device too - but that's a whole other topic.  Cool
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