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16  Self Improvement / Psychic Abilities & Phenomenon / Re: Quantum Cookbook and Advanced Cosmic Ordering on: August 25, 2010, 02:13:07 PM
Hi Max,

I'd go for Quantum Cookbook because it deals more with your own active involvement in creating your own reality.
Cosmic Ordering seems to be more passive -- the basic idea is "make a wish, then sit back and wait for it to manifest".  Personally I don't buy into that.  


17  General / Post your Problem! / Re: What do you do to start your day positively? on: August 18, 2010, 07:45:10 AM
Hi all,

I get a daily video message from my mentor, Bob Proctor -- his program is called "Six Minutes to Success".
He gives a 1 or 2 minute video message and gives you an exercise with a question to answer, which takes you abour 4 or 5 minutes -- hence the name "Six minutes..."

I start my day with this by setting it up as my homepage -- when I start my computer I do this before I even look at my email.
(after the other formalities like getting dressed etc  Smiley )

Here are the links to 3 free videos for you to see what it's all about
Video 1 :
Video 2 :
Video 3 :

Forget the "make more money" rah-rah on the webpage, it's more about inspiration than money.
It's about 5% warm and fuzzy stuff (which I'm not really into).
And 95% practical hands-on real-world wisdom which you can apply and see the results that same day.

Take a look and tell me what you think.


18  General / Post your Problem! / Re: What is the best life changing book that you have ever read? on: August 04, 2010, 12:04:21 PM
"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand is reported to have changed more lives than The Bible -- by "changed more lives" it is meant to change one's actual behaviour, and not remain mere intellectual knowledge.  

Even though it's a fiction novel, it gives a deep understanding of modern politics & economy, the ripple effect / chain reaction / butterfly effect that people's thoughts and actions have on the entire economy and on other peoples lives.

When I read it, it flicked the switch in me to change from being a consumer to being a producer (with the corresponding increase in financial wealth!)

It's a real Pandora's Box, and it should come with a padlock and a warning -- after you've read it there's no turning back, you just cannot read this and still remain the same person.

I highly recommend it -- IF you desire RAPID personal growth, especially in understanding the dynamics of capitalism vs. communism / economy vs. politics, and how it affects all of our lives.

Would somebody please make a TV-series of this, thanks!  (The content just wouldn't fit into a 2-hour movie.)  

19  General / Post your Problem! / Re: How Materialistic Are You? What Makes You Happy? Stuff, People, Animals... on: July 26, 2010, 09:19:26 AM
Hi everyone,

I don't think it should be a dichotomy as in being materialistic vs. being spiritual.  I look at these Tibetan monks who come down from their mountain every once in a while, and they literally beg in the streets for everyday things such as toothpaste and aspirin, and I think "something's wrong with this picture"

To live a full and complete life I think one must accept one's materialistic-ness  --  in the society where I grew up it was made out to be a bad thing, which is simply not correct and which brings a lot of internal conflict.

Materialistic and spiritual are two complementary opposites -- one can live a small life by being a little materialistic and a little spiritual, or have a BIG life by being VERY materialistic and VERY spiritual simultaneously. 

As Dr. Topher Morrisson said: "I've been poor, and I've been rich.  And let me tell you: I feel a hell of a lot more spiritual when I can cut a cheque for $5,000 to my favorite church."    Cheesy

That's just my humble opinion of course -- thanks for starting the conversation.


20  Self Improvement / New Technology / Re: Speed reading on: June 17, 2010, 09:05:31 AM
Hi All,

It's been said that in this day and age, we're bombarded with more information in a single day than people encountered in a whole lifetime 100 years ago.
Which definitely makes a good case for the necessity of increasing one's reading speed.

I'm was happy with doubling my reading speed in one afternoon by doing this quick course:
(Heck I'm just a regular guy, my reading speed was 350, now it's 700 wpm and I'm happy with that.  I'm sure if I did the same course again, it would double my reading speed again from 700 to 1400.)

IMO it all depends on one's intention and on the reading material -- I wouldn't recommend your version of speed reading at 100,000 wpm for education, or when reading technical instructions on how to build a nuclear power plant, but reading has it's place.

Here's what I use my newfound reading speed for, with great success:
* Preventing a backlog of un-read magazines on my coffee table -- I now read my magazines from cover to cover the same day I receive it in the post.  
* Preventing a backlog of un-read e-mail newsletters.
* Getting quickly up to speed with general news -- read the entire newspaper quickly, even the sections I'm not really interested in -- even with only a 50% retention rate I can still go through the day and have informed conversations with a variety of people on a variety of subjects: politics, economy and sports (whereas previously I only read the parts which interested me, but now I can build better business relationships by also being informed about the parts which interest my business prospects).  

My point is that for an adult, reading quickly helps for more than just the reading -- it helps for social skills, business opportunities, doing research, quick decision making, saves personal time and so much more.



21  Chit Chat / The Coffee Shop / Re: Think And Grow Rich on: May 06, 2010, 01:57:50 PM
Hi all,

Hill's TAGR certainly has some good parts such as how it took some real thought to make America's independence a reality, and how Schwab made the US Steel Corporation a reality etc.   But it also has some flaws, such as Hill's reasoning that men become bald from wearing hats -- certainly these days some middle aged men still become bald although they don't wear hats any more (not where I'm from anyways :-)

It's good as long as one doesn't treat it like a religious text, which some LOA-believers seem to do.

Personally I think James Allen's "As A Man Thinketh" and Claude Bristol's "The Magic of Believing" ( contain similar information but both are much easier / more enjoyable to read. 


22  Self Improvement / Psychic Abilities & Phenomenon / Re: Has this ever happened to you? on: March 31, 2010, 06:48:33 AM
In the last 5 years I've had about 10 such experiences -- mine weren't voices but just thoughts popping into my mind, really strong thoughts which I know were not my own.  When they asked Thomas Edison (who filed over 1000 patents for his inventions) where he got the ideas from, he said his ideas came from outer space.  I think he experienced the same thing -- experiencing thoughts / urges / voice / ideas which he knew were not his own.

In retrospect I realised these two things:
1 - They are definitely powered by emotion.  Your lady in the car must have been really terrified and her strong emotion was what powered the voice.  I've had them from love to fear to loneliness to a profound feeling that everything's gonna be OK -- but the emotions were not mine, they were in the other person who transmitted them.
2 - The more you act on them, the easier you recognise the next one when it comes to you.  I think it IS in fact fairly common, but most people rationalise it away (rationalise = rational lies)

I wish there was some way to repeat this experience at will, some way to turn it into a science.

Having said that, I'm cautious not to fall into some superstition -- what I call "the Joan of Arc phenomenon" -- in the beginning of her mission, Joan of Arc was SO SURE that "the voices in hear head" was the voice of God, and only later (when it was too late) she thought that maybe it wasn't, maybe she was mistaken after all.  Maybe she only wanted to hear the voice of God so badly that her subconscious mind made it up -- like some women who experience a "false pregnancy" because they want it so badly.  But that's a whole different conversation for another day on another thread.


23  General / Post your Problem! / Re: A quote by Wayne Dyer has me confused.. on: March 17, 2010, 10:27:40 AM
I believe it's natural to always want more -- it's your spirit urging you to keep growing.

I choose to interpret that quote by Wayne Dyer to mean: stop chasing, calm down, and start creating the success where you are right now, with what you've got right now. 

There's a danger in his teachings and in "The Shift" movie that one might become so satisfied with what one's got, that one might begin to stagnate.

As Dr. Demartini explains: if a "thousand-naire" wants $100 more, he will grow his wealth by 10%.  But a millionaire is not going to be satisfied with having only $100 more -- a millionaire would want $100,000 more if he's going to grow his wealth by 10%.  It's natural and necessary for our growth to always want more and more.

As Bob Proctor explains in this video ( Be HAPPY FOR what you've got right now, but never be permanently SATISFIED WITH what you've got -- illogical, irrational dissatisfaction with the status quo is a creative state which has been the catalyst for all great human achievements.  Note with this kind of "healthy" dissatisfaction: one only demands of oneself to change, without requiring anybody else to change against their will just to make one happy.

So the bottom line is: stop chasing and start creating the success you want.

Makes sense, yes?
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