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Title: Locked out of forum and lessons of
Post by: Sueblue on November 24, 2011, 09:29:20 PM
It looks as if the founder of the School felt uncomfortable having someone on the site who was not only happy to answer any questions about study & learning techniques, memory and cognitive enhancement, but also had made it their business to try and really "do their homework" on such matters. In particular, I could see straight through the claims for Magic Pill Now and wasn't afraid to say so on my blog.

Strangely, the admins there don't even apparently have the ability to sort out or reinstate my account. Such requests have to be done through the founder/owner of the school. The fact that he hasn't replied rather confirms my suspicions that the reason I got locked out in the first place had something to do with him.

Anyway, the point of posting this isn't to complain and moan about no longer having access to the site, but to make sure I am still visible around the various personal development related forums where students and ex-students of the School are likely to hang out. If you were a member of that site, I used to post there under my other screen handle of SevenSigma. Please stay in touch, and I am still more than happy to answer your questions here or via my blog. Thanks.